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about Dr. Heshmat Hospital

Dr Heshmat Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center is the largest specialist and subspecialist centers in the North of Iran. The Center was inaugurated in 1970. Over 4 decades , the Center now ranks among the most prestigious cardiovascular centers in the Iran.

The Center currently features a total of 143 beds, comprised of 20 CCU beds, 59 Cardiac Surgery ICU beds, 58 Post-CCU beds, 42 Post-ICU beds, 12 Medical ICU beds, 113 Adult Cardiac Ward beds, 90 Pediatric Ward beds, 87 Cardiovascular Surgery Ward beds, 11 Diplomat Ward beds, 32 VIP Ward beds, and 22 Emergency Ward CCU beds. 

The Center also boasts a 11-bed Emergency Ward, 2 Operating Rooms, a 2-room Adult Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, and a 1-room Electrophysiology Study Ward. On average and on a daily basis, there are 40 hospitalizations, 4 surgical operations, 14 Catheterization Laboratory procedures, and 10 Electrophysiology procedures in the Center.

The Center’s paraclinical wards include Adult Echocardiography, Pediatric Echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, Exercise Test, Radiology, Sonography, Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine,. These paraclinical wards serve approximately 200 inpatients daily.
The Center currently enjoys the services of over 500 staff members, 3 full-time medical faculty members, and 19 residents, specialist fellows, and subspecialist fellows in various cardiovascular disciplines.


Bayani st. Mosala sq.


TEL:      0098(13)336690644-6
FAX:      0098(13)33668718

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