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Research fields

The foundation of practical research in GRTRC is to:



1) Studyingthe poverty caused by road accidents in Guilani families

2) Examining the hot spots of the province and methods ofresolving them

3) Evaluating substanceand alcohol abuse in public transport drivers

4) Discovering the physical and psychological outcomes after accidents in different groups of society

5) Exploring the barriers and strategies for trauma registry system in Guilan

6) Studying the accessibility barriers to rehabilitation services in road accident victims

7) Assessing the effectiveness of driving skills training

8) Evaluating the proportion of road accidents in various groups of society

9) Finding risky driving behaviors and their causes

10) Appraisingthe costs of road accidents in Guilanand Iran

11) Inspecting the use of vehicle safety equipment and road accidents based on it

12) Evaluating spinal cord plegiadue to road accidents

13) Investigating the disabilities of various groups of society due to road accidents

14) Calculating the burden of road accidents in Guilanand Iran

15) Researching the proportion of road accidents in courts

16) Studying the effect of road accidents in Guilanifamilies

17) Evaluating the degree of exposure to road accidents in students

18) Examining the ethical issues of people involved in road accidents

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