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1.      Post-operative verbal language functions following resective temporal surgery in adult patients with focal epilepsy. (Systematic review)

2.      The relationship between fear of movement and pain intensity with disability in patients with chronic low back pain

3.      Epidemiology of fatal head trauma in forensic dissection of Tabriz

4.      The relationship between Pulsatility Index with Prognosis of patients with mild head trauma referring to Poursina Hospital, Rasht

5.      Effect of Donepezil on improvement of consciousness in patients with Stroke

6.      Personality change of aggressive type and its determining factors in patients with traumatic brain injury, Conference of Neurology in Clinical Psychology in Iran

7.      A Case Report of C1 Ventral Root Schwannoma Manifesting as Foramen Magnum Syndrome

8.      A case report of delayed traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the popliteal artery

9.      A Case Report on Embolization by Coil in Arteriovenous Fistula due to Trauma

10. A Demographic Study of Suicide Methods in the Patients Aided by Emergency

11. A study on acute stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and quality of life in injured accident survivors admitted to Rasht Porsina Hospital during 2009-10

12. A Survey of the Associated Factors in Foot Drop Improvement

13. Activities leading to dog bite incidence in Guilan province, north of Iran

14. An Example of Preventative Medicine in the Teachings of the Quran

15. Assessing the Frequency of Different Types of Multiple Sclerosis in MS Patients with & without Seizure in Guilan Province

16. A study on acute stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and quality of life in injured accident survivors admitted to Rasht Porsina Hospital during 2009-2010

17. Assessment of Screening Tests for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Patients Undergoing Surgery by Molecular (PCR) and Culturing Methods

18. Axis I Psychopathology during the First Four Mounts After Traumatic Brain Injury

19. Comparative Study of Drowned Cases Who Had Been Assisted by Relief of Guilan's EMS in the First Six Months of 2011-2012

20. Comparison between Sonography and Electrodiagnostic Testing in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

21. Comparison of Compensation Claimant whom made no claim, considering the presence of mental disorders 4 months post traumatic brain injury

22. Comparison of neurolysis and nerve resection in treatment refractory of meralgia paresthetica

23. Comparison the Number of Triaged Patients in Three Working Shift in Poursina Hospital in Rasht

24. Cost unit analysis of blood transfusion centers in Guilan province

25. Designing a predictive model to determine the risk factors of mental disorders following traumatic brain injury

26. Determination of Psychological Factors Related to Physical Disability in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

27. Determination of sensitivity, specificity and cut off point of visual- Motor Bender Gestalt Test in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury

28. Disposition of Patients Before and After Establishment of Emergency Medicine Specialists

29. Epidemiologic Study of Animal Bite in Rasht County, Guilan Province, Iran’s North, 2012

30. Epidemiological Survey of Industrial Hand Trauma in the Guilan Province.

31. Epidemiology of Head Injury in Patients who were Reffered to Poorsina Hospital

32. Epidemiology of Injuries and their Causes among Traumatic Patients Admitted into Poursina Hospital, Rasht (second half of the year 2005)

33. Epidemiology of motor cycle accidents in Rasht, 2011-2012.

34. Epidemiology of Trauma in Children Admitted to Poursina Teaching Hospital

35. Epidemiology of trauma due to driving accidents in Poursina Trauma Research Center in Rasht

36. Evaluating the relationship between rib fractures and the probability of abdominal trauma; a Brief Report

37. Evaluation of Burnout among Nurses Working in a First Level Trauma Center

38. Evaluation of Correlation Between Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter and Intracranial Pressure in Patients with Head Trauma

39. Evaluation of Frequency of Cervical Spine Injuries in Patients with Blunt Trauma

40. Evaluation of nutritional quality and microbial contamination of enteral feeding solutions in hospitalized patients referred to neurosurgical ICU of Poursina Hospital in Rasht

41. Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators in Using of Pedestrian Bridges among Pedestrians: A Qualitative Study

42. Factor Structure, Clinical Cut off Point and Frequency of Acute Stress and Post-Traumatic

43. Disorder in Traffic –Related Injured Patients, Hospitalized in Porsina Hospital Rasht, Iran 2010

44. Psychometric Properties Of 28- Itemes Version for General Health Questionnaire in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury

45. Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis and Its Relationship to Clinical Status

46. Frequency and Characteristics of Violence against Nurses of Emergency

47. Gail Model to Determine the Risk of Breast Canser

48. Incidence of Post General Anesthesia Complications in Recovery Room

49. In-Hospital Airway Management of Trauma Patients before Transfer to Reference Trauma Center

50. Mortality and Morbidity during and after Carotid Endarterectomy

51. Patients discharged before and after presence of medical emergency specialists

52. Pattern of Diet and Supplement Consumption among Multiple Sclerotic Patients Pre and Post Diagnosis and Their Attitudes toward the Effects of these Parameters on Disease Progression

53. Prediction of motor and cognitive outcome in acute traumatic brain injury based on length of hospital stay, Glasgow coma scale score (GCS), mental status and substance abuse: a case study of emergency and neurosurgery section in Rasht PourSina Hospital

54. Prevalence of Cardivascular Risk Factors in Diabetic Patients and its Relationship with Opium Consumption

55. Prognostic value of the relationship between serum levels of interleukin-6 and clinical outcome in patients with severe head injury

56. Quality Survey of Pre-hospital Emergency Services in Guilan Province

57. Related factors to onset of post-traumatic stress disorder after road accidents

58. Relative Frequency of Spinal Cord Tumors in Neurosurgery Ward of Poursina Hospital, Rasht (2002-2007)

59. Road Traffic Accidents, Life-threatening Phenomenon in Guilan Province: An Epidemiologic Study.

60. Role of organizational justice, organizational commitment and job satisfaction on quality of work life: case study of Poursina state hospital personnel in Rasht

61. Situation of Pre-hospital Emergency Neurological Care and Related Factors in Traumatic Patients

62. Survey of Various Post Stroke Pain Syndromes and the Related Risk Factors

63. Survey the Etiology, Location, and Type of Damage in Foot Drop Patients

64. The Epidemiologic of the Traffic Accidents Helped by EMS, Guilan 2011-2013

65. Validation Of The Persian Version Of Pain Self-Efficacy Scale: A Psychometric Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

66. Variability of Phenytoin Serum Level in prophylaxis of Seizures in TBI Patients


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