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Given the importance of trauma in Guilan province in North of Iran, Guilan Road Trauma Research Center was founded in October 2004 by Dr.Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok in Research Week.


Strategic Goals and Objectives

1.     Conduct basic research, develop knowledge on trauma and increase article publications

2.     Determine and distribute the frequency of information on traumatic patients in Guilan and provide intervention for changing and evaluating the data for the first time in Iran

3.     Facilitate research in field of trauma by processing the collected data

4.     Develop Trauma System for the first time in Guilan and Iran as a model other provinces

5.     Establish an intelligent system to precisely identify the advantages and disadvantages in treatment of traumatic patients

6.     Promote public awareness by providing enough information to prevent incidence of trauma

7.     Exchange scientific information through effective cooperation with other interior and exterior centers

8.     Devise strategies to increase safety and injury prevention

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