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approved research plans

Approved research plans

1. Study of sleep quality following traumatic brain injury in patients admitted to poursina hospital

2. Assessment of primary management of multiple traumatic patients according to ATLS guideline referred from remedial centers of Guilan University of medical sciences to poursina hospital, 2013-2014

3. Design and development of Standards Trauma & safety in industry based of ISO 31000, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 and provide guides assessment and audit- Establishment in Administrative unit of Electricity regional Guilan

4. Studying the serum magnesium level of early post traumatic seizure patients hospitalized in poursina hospital in rasht from Tir-1395 until Mehr -1396

5. Survey of risk factors for trafic accident in tree main roads of Guilan province by multi-level regression analysis

6. The relationship between predictor of troponin – Ӏ enzym and its association with in- hospital mortality of patients with traumatic brain injury in patients admitted to intensive care units of Poursina hospital

7. The effect of obesity on the consequences of traffic accidents

8. Assessment of relationship between crime and the injuries and deaths caused by traffic accidents in Iran

9. Assessment the relationship between cultural factors and deaths and injuries due accidents on Iran

10. Survey the positive FAST in trauma patients undergoing laparotomy referred to Poursina Hospital from September 2016 to September 2017

11. A survey on frequency of situation of abdominal injuries in patients with abdominal penetrating trauma at Poursina hospital during 1394

12. Validation of Persian Version of Disability Rating Scale (DRS) in patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

13. Analysis the relationship of serum albumin in burned patients and their outcome in Velayat Hospital, 12/22/2015 until 12/21/2018

14. Epidemiology of traumatic spinal injuries in admitted patients in Poursina hospital; 1395

15. Evaluate the diagnostic valueof FAST sonography in blunt abdominal trauma

16. Epidemiology of burn injury in preschool children at vellayat hospital

17. Survey of Remained Complications in elderly road traffic victims in rasht-2014-2015

18. investigating the frequency of etiology findings in the autopsy of patients with traumatic death with unknown surgical origin in Poursina Hospital , Rasht during 2017 and 2018

19. Long term disability in patient with minor head trauma at poursina hospital 97-98

20. Determining the cost of services provided in VIPward in Rasht velayat Hospital by activity-based costing in 2017

21. Investigating rollover crashes and their effective factors in Guilan province between 1393 and 1395

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