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Ongoing research plans


1.     Study of mean waiting time of emergency service in patients admitted in Poursina Hospital Emergency department,Rasht,2012

2.     Assessment of relation between serum sodium Level disturbances and mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury in poursina hospital in 1393

3.     Comparing analgesic effect of epidural fentanyl with Epidural fentanyl and Bupivacain in spondylolystesis and spine fusion surgery

4.     Assessment of frequency and associated factors of hypernatremia in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular accident admitted to Poursina hospital of Rasht trauma’s ward, Persian date shahrivar 1391 to Persian date shahrivar 1393

5.     Studying the Incidence of Diabetes Insipidus in Patients with Head Injury , in chronic phase in Poursina Hospital , Rasht

6.     A comparison between therapeutic effect of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and methylprednisolone in treatment of patients with acute traumatic spinal cord injury admitted to Poursina hospital of Rasht

7.     Pattern of fractures in old ages attending to poursina hospital 2012

8.     The comparative study about effect of Donepezil with and without Memantine on recovery of cognitive, linguistic dysfunction and functional outcome in traumatic brain injury patients during the subacute phase

9. Study of   Frequency of Hydrocephalus and Associated Factors in Patients with Head Trauma in Poursina Hospital , Rasht

10. Tenotomy versus tenodesis in the treatment of long –head biceps tendon lesions with concomitant rotator cuff tears.

11. A Survey on the Relative Frequency of Brachial Pexus Anatomic Variation in the Referred Fresh Cadavers to Forensic organization of Guilan

12. Intra –particular versus sub-pectoral long head of bicep Tenodesis in the treatment of biceps pathology accompanied with rotator cuff tears

13. The frequency of sports injuries and associated factors in patients referred to the hospital in the city of Rasht in 1393 Poursina

14. Survey the relationship between electrocardiographic changes and ischemic stroke outcome in patients referred to Poursina hospital of Rasht, 2014-2015

15. Prevelence of arcute foramen in patients who admitted to poursina hospital, Rasht, 2015-2016

16. The association between the polymorphisms of Matrix Metalloproteinase 1, 3 and 9 and lumbosacral intervertebral disc degeneration: A case control study

15. comparison of efficacy and safety of Ketorolac versus acetaminophen (I.V) in the treatment of headaches due to the head trauma

16. Evaluation of pre hospital Go MAAPS score in predicting patients’ outcome in Trauma Ward of Poursina Hospital, Guilan, Rasht (2012)

17. Toward road safety program among rural road user in northern Iran( guilan Province

18. Evaluations of pharmacological blochade of AT1 receptors and role of nitric oxide pathway on passive avoidance learning anxiety- and depression-like behaviors impairments caused by physical and psychological stress in male rats

19. Consequences of Road Trauma among Elderly Victims in Rasht, 2010-2012

20. Estimating the direct cost(s) of injuries resulting from road traffic accident in Guilan Province 2012

21. The effect of Val66Met polymorphism in the brain-drived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) gene on cognitive functions in ischemic stroke patients


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