Chancellor of Guilan University of Medical Sciences


 First name: Arsalan
 Last name: Salari
 Specialization: Cardiology, M.D.


Message from the Chancellor

Welcome to Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS),
Since its foundation in 1984, GUMS has been one of the leading universities in the country in the areas of education, research, and treatment. Enjoying more than 420 resourceful academic members and a group of dedicated staff, the institution provides services to over 5000 students in different medical fields and is intent on embarking upon any constructive measures to advance knowledge and provide students in their challenging and rewarding journey with excellent education and training. With regard to the fierce international competition among educational and medical institutions, GUMS strives to remain strongly committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in education, treatment, and research. Moreover, with the advent of such new concepts as globalization, internationalization and global village, we believe that it is necessary for universities across the world to establish links with leading academic, medical, research and educational institutions. Having a big name for medical education and the provision of health services on its home turf, GUMS is now intent on expanding outside the national boundary and establishing a worldwide reputation. Here at GUMS, an extraordinary community of faculty members, researchers, students, and staff are collaborating and endeavouring  to provide well-rounded education, carry out cutting-edge research and lead the way in the provision of health services for the community. We also feel deeply committed to achieving the best results and enhancing productivity at the lowest possible cost.We are looking forward to building a bright future and wish you all success in your scientific and educational endeavors.
Arsalan Salari, M.D., Cardiolog
Guilan University of Medical Sciences 


Address : Central Office of Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Parastar St., Rasht, Guilan, I.R. Iran
Tel : (+98)(13) 33324168  
Fax : (+98)(13) 33324169

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