Date 2020/05/11         Hour 08:00     News Group News

The Symposium-Webinar focusing on the internationalization of higher education in the Corona Crisis, will be held in English with more than 25 well-known speakers at the national and international levels.

It is planned in the form of five panels and in three separate days, each panel will be held at least three hours with the presence of five speakers and one panel manager.

The director of international affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences stated that the main focus of the first panel will be on how to change the policy of internationalization of higher education during the Corona and Post-Corona eras (new normal conditions or Corona coexistence).

Emphasizing on challenges and opportunities of E-learning in the Corona situation for professors and students are the subject of the second panel of the Symposium- Webinar, the third day of panel includes three simultaneous panels focusing on the educational challenges of medicine, dentistry, health and other fields of medical science in the post- Corona and new normal conditions.

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