Date 2020/04/20         Hour 08:00     News Group News

Health Week is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of this issue in individual and social life and to explain its place in the realization of sustainable development and the development of health culture.

This year, Health Week has a special color and smell, and with the aim of supporting members of the community of health advocates and appreciating the sacrifices of these efforts, it has been named as "public support for health advocates. "

Guilan University of Medical Sciences, with all the health and support personnel, as well the medical staff of the private sector and the armed forces and social security, are fighting the Covid-19 Like other parts of the country. They will continue their efforts to fully control the virus and restore health and tranquility to society.

While appreciating the tireless efforts of the first line defenders involved in this vicious virus, I would like to thank each and every member of Guilan University of Medical Sciences and the medical staff of the private sector and organizations related to the province's health sector. I wish health and increasing success to all employees in the field of health in the country.