Vice-Chancellor for Food & Drug




First name: Firouz

Last name:   soroudi

Specialization: Pharmacist

E-mail address:

Some of the responsibilities of the Office of Vice Chancellor for Drug and Food are supplying and providing needed drugs, supervising methods of drug distribution, supervising the activities of all private and governmental drugstores, promoting proper use of drugs, observing the safety and security of foods and cosmetic products, ensuring the safety of foods for humans and ensuring their compliance with the standards, Supervising and inspecting manufacturing factories, storage centers, and distribution centers for food and cosmetic products, and inspecting manufacturing factories. 


Address : opposite of Arikeh Pool, Bayani St., Shahid Beheshti Blvd., Heshmat Crossroad, Rasht, Guilan Province, Iran.

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    SMS:  30001435
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