About Guilan University of Medical Sciences


   Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS) was established in 1984 and fell under Iran’s Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education in the same year as a state-run university. The university has its headquarters in the city of Rasht, the provincial capital of the evergreen littoral province of Guilan, which lies along the Caspian Sea and borders Russia across the world’s largest lake and the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north. The university has eight schools covering clinical and basic sciences. School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery School of Shahid Beheshti, School of Health, and School of Dentistry are all located in the city of Rasht. School of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing and Midwifery School of Langeroud are both located in the university’s Eastern Guilan Educational Complex in the city of Langeroud. The university also has an international college in the port city of Bandar-e- Anzali, one of the most important seaports in the north of Iran.


The university offers comprehensive programs on clinical sciences covering M.D., Residency (Specialty and Subspecialty) and Fellowship. It also has numerous programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in basic sciences.

The university has under its immediate supervision more than twenty specialized research centers such as Road Trauma, Neuroscience, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Education, and Interventional Cardiovascular.

The university has over 420 faculty members and trains more than 5000 students in different medical fields. The affiliated hospitals of the university in Rasht are Poursina, Heshmat, Razi, Amir al-Momenin, Al-Zahra, and Velayat. The institution has many other affiliated hospitals in other cities of the province.


Statement of Vision, Mission and Values

Vision for 2025

Our vision is for Guilan University of Medical Sciences to be at the forefront of third-generation universities, to be efficient in providing services, and to lead the way in improving health indicators.


The mission of Guilan University of Medical Sciences is to provide, maintain, and promote community health by focusing on the creation of culture and excellence of health, treatment, education, and research.


The core values of Guilan University of Medical Sciences are as follows:

*Justice-centeredness and commitment to professional ethics;

*Value creation for stakeholders;


*Creativity and innovation; and

*Agility in providing services.

Address of the Central Office: Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Parastar St., Rasht, Guilan, I.R. Iran
Tel: (+98)(13) 33324168 
Fax : (+98)(13) 33324169
E-mail Address : info@gums.ac.ir
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