Sunday20 January 2019
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11:01:17 2016/06/11
The list of Velayat hospital’s educational workshops and seminars in 2016 was presented by the educational supervisor of the hospital.
10:31:49 2016/06/11
The Fifth Natinal Burn Congress was held sucessfully on February 25th and ,26th 2015, in Tehran Razi Center of Conferences of Iran Medical Sciences University and the Center for Burn Research
09:48:43 2016/06/11
As WEBDA reported, Dr. Seyed Hasan Hashemi, the Minister of Health and Medical Education, declared in the fifth national congress on burn injuires
09:12:40 2016/06/11
Appropriately to the birthday of Hakim Jorjani (The Day of Laboratory science)
12:08:12 2016/01/13
In respect of enhancing research and scientific goals of Velayat Hospital
12:05:43 2016/01/13
In order for qualitative evaluation and quality enhancement of burnt patients of Velayat Hospital
12:03:49 2016/01/13
Every human needs mentality to have a good life
12:00:15 2016/01/13
In order to enhancement of treatment quality and improvement of patients' satisfaction in the whole province