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Shahid Beheshti School of  
Nursing and Midwifery 


Shahid Beheshti School of Nursing and Midwifery is located in Rasht, center of Guilan province, north of Iran close to Caspian Sea. This faculty with help of Allah began as a college of nursing in 1965. After victory of revolution, Islamic Republic of Iran in 1978, a few small professional associations such as 17 Shahrivar, Mehrzad and Gilac School joined together with our college to establish a faculty of nursing and midwifery under the name of Shahid Beheshti. Our faculty has undertaken postgraduate programmes since 1990 in field of nursing education and graduated 137 students during 20 periods of enrolment with Master of Sciences. Faculty was honoured to receive qualification from Health Ministry to train students in field of Critical Care Nursing in post graduate level since 2008. We have also met the primary qualification to accept PhD students in near future in cooperation with one of the Tehran Medical Universities. It’s our pleasure to announce that our faculty has the seventh ranking in nursing and sixth in midwifery.
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