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The conference was held in Al-Zahra Hospital, Rasht on March 11, with participation of high school principals and health care instructors of primary and secondary schools.

The main focus of the conference was prevention of events on the Persian Festival of Fire (the last Wednesday of every year). Dr.Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok, the chancellor of Guilan University of Medical Sciences and chair of Guilan Road Trauma Research Center insisted the importance of preventing accidents and trauma in reducing hospital costs. "Prevention of noncommunicable diseases is a critical issue and education is one of the main pillars of this way", he stated. Dr.Hamid Heidari, another speaker pointed to the Pilot Plan of Trauma System in Guilan and elaborated on its relationship with the events of the last Wednesday of the year. Dr. Enayatollah Homaie-Rad presented an analysis of the statistics related to last year events, concluding that the highest number of such events occurred among students and the severity of injuries caused by bronze powder was more than other materials. Colonel Bagher Rajabi-Veisroodi, the director of public education in Social Service Department of Guilan Police, was also another speaker of the conference who presented a short film highlighting the students and explosive materials as well as the role of parents in preventing and controlling these events. Then, Morteza Shafizadeh, head of the Department of Health and Physical Education of Fire Department trained how to use the fire extinguisher emphasizing the importance of health care trainers at schools in preventing such events. At the end, Mrs. Zarashin director of public education in Velayat hospital expressed the post-burn treatment and care. All attendees of the conference received a certificate for their participation in the conference.

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