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Guilan Road Truma Research Center
Last date of Update data : 1394/03/30
Event & News
13:16:15 2017/01/16
Guilan Road Trauma Research Center held aworkshop on registering the data of trauma patients this morning, Monday, Persian date January10, 2017 in Poursina Hospital.
09:02:29 2017/01/03
Thursday 28 December 2016, a meeting on the issues of telemedicine was held attended by two prominent Hungarian university professors, Dr.TiborHortobagyi, and Dr.ZabolovHortobgiand experts of GRTRC.
08:17:09 2017/01/02
Dr. Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri, education and research deputy of GRTRC has been introduced as the Guilan's top researcher.
08:49:59 2017/01/01
The third Sunday of each November has been namedthe International Day of Remembrance forRoad Traffic Victims by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This year's slogan of the day is "Vital post-crash actions: Medical Care, Investigation, Justice".
08:44:03 2017/01/01
Trauma Registry workshop was held by Guilan Road Trauma Research Center on 18 and 19 Decemebr, in Poursinahospital. In this work shop, Dr.Hamid Heidari provided explanations about trauma registry as well as Mr.Azizpour, from medical evidence department who elaborated ontrauma codes. Dr.FatemehRanjbar described scoring in trauma.
08:36:02 2016/12/30
Dr.PeimanAsadi, specialist in Emergency Medicine, faculty of GuilanUniversity of Medical Sciences and member of GRTRC was assigned as the director of Medical Emergency Services Management center byDr.ShahrokhYousefzadeh-Chabok, the chancellor of GUMS.
11:36:29 2016/12/26
Members of GuilanRoad Trauma Research Center wereappreciated inTop Researchers Conferencewhich was held in celebration of top researchers and techniciansbyGuilan University of Medical Sciences, 21 December 2016
11:21:36 2016/12/26
Regional Conference on drowning prevention in Caspian Sea will be held on Tuesday 27 December 2016 attended by the director of "Prevention of Accidents Group" of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.