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Thesis in Clinical Research Development Unit

1.      Survay The Association Between Primary Electroencephalography (EEG) finding and Changes Of disability , functional independency And statue and muscle power in patient with ischemic stroke

2.      Survey Temporal Pattern Of Stroke Incidence and Associated Factors Among Patients Admitted to Poursina Hospital In

3.      Brain Tumor Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Images using Active Contour Models

4.      Evaluation of MGAP scoring system ( Mechanism , Glasgow Coma Scale , Age and Arterial pressure )  to predict mortality in trauma patients admitted to Poursina Hospital in Rasht in 2011-2012

5.      Assessing general physician’s viewpoints occupied in health care and hospital centers graduated in 2002 to 2012 about neurologic educational titles and their clinical competencies in diagnosis and management of neurological diseases

6.      Epidemiological Study of Perforation of Gastric Peptic Ulcer in Patients Admitted to Poursina Hospital from 22 September 2011  to  21 september 2012

7.      Frequency of cervical spine fractures among neck trauma patients admitted to Poursina Hospital of Rasht from 23 Sep 2009 – 22 sep 2012

8.      The frequency study of intra-abdominal organs injury in patients with rib fracture in Poursina Hospital, Rasht, 2010-2011

9.      Surveying the Total Thyroidectomy Outcome in Patients Referred to Razi Hospital, Rasht with Multi Nodular Goiter from March 2011 to February 2013

10. Awareness of stroke risk factors and warning symptoms in the general population of Rasht/Iran-2012

11. Evaluation of therapeutic outcomes of Modified Ponseti casting technique in infants with Idiopathic Clubfoot in Rasht between 2009-11

12. Survey associated factors in footdrop improvement of patients referred to electordiagnosis department of Rasht Pursina Hospital in 2010-11

13. A Comparison between therapeutic responses of local injection VS ultrasound in treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndrome in Rasht “ Poursina” hospital

14. Assessing the orthopedic disability due to road trauma accident of children attending to Poorsina hospital from November 2010 to November 2012

15. Epidemiological evaluation of non-juidical hanging in Guilan province hospitals during 2011-2013

16. Epidemiologic study of Guillain Bare syndrome in Guilan from September 2012 to                September 2013

17. Epidemiology of elderly trauma in the hospital Poursina 2012-2013

18. Survey the post operation survival rate in patients with Glioblastoma Multiform from 1385 to 1390 in Poursina hospital of Rasht

19. Evaluation of Coexisting Cervical Radiculopathy in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome referred to Electro-diagnosis department of IMAM REZA clinic from 1391/08/01 to 1392/01/01

20. Evaluation of venous lactic acid level in severe and stable traumatic patients & co morbid factors

21. Evaluation of Serial Clinical Examination of Anterior Abdominal Stab Wounds at Poursina Hospital from September 2011 to September 2013   

22. Epidemiologic survey of traumatic Brain  injuries in Poursina hospital of Rasht, 2012-2013

23. Survey of spondylolisthesis surgery characteristics in spondylolisthesis surgery patients in pursina hospital from the year 2003 to 2010

24. Study of patient satisfaction hospitalized in unit 2 emergency department, 2013,Rasht,Poursina

25. The Evaluation of Trauma Scoring Systems for Prediction of Patient mortality in Emergency Department of Poursina Hospital in Rasht in the Year 210-2011

26. Assessment of effective factors in poisoning with Aluminium phosphid in patients referring to Rasht Razi hospital during 2008-2013

27. Evaluation on using Sclerosing Foam in patients with varicose vein branches of lower extremity that referred to vascular surgery clinic – “ Razi “ Hospital - Rasht

28. Evaluation of the Relationship between Intracranial Pressure and Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter

29. Assessment of Gail model in determining breast cancer risk in females referred to Guilan University Teaching Hospital

30. Agreement of electrodiagnosis , clinical findings and MRI for radicolopathy diagnosis in patients with in low back pain referred EDX study Poursina Hospital, Rasht.

31. Study of mean waiting time of emergency services in patients admitted in Poursina Hospital Emergency department, Rasht, 2012

32. Validity of Mamography in diagnosis of breast cancer

33. Serum concentration of protein S100B & Neuron – Specific enolaze (NSE) in patients with diffuse axonal injury

34. Survey on the correlation of Schmor’s node and degenerative disk changes on MRI of patients refer to Poursina Hospital

35. Determining the nature, frequency and predictive factors for the incidence of mental disorders after traumatic brain injury

36. Determination of traumatic knee dislocation frequency and its neurovascular complications in orthopedic patients admitted in porsina and Arya hospitals of Rasht in 1381- 1385

37. Measurement of serum levels of phenytoin in patients with head trauma admitted to Poursina Hospital

38. Correlation of coagulopathy score and outcome score in moderate head trauma

39. Relationship between mid-face fracture with brain injuries

40. Comparison between serum prolactine level in women with chronic migraine and episodic migraine referred ti clinic of neurology in Poursina hospital from July 2011 to September 2012

41. The survey of relative frequency of cervicogenic headache among the patients with chronic headache referred to Poursina hospital and Besat clinic from March 2010 until September 2012

42. Evaluation of the relation between pulsatility Index and prognosis of the patients with moderate head trauma that referred to poorsina hospital – rashtcity in 2010

43. Relative frequencies of spinal cord injuries in patients with spinal trauma ( poursina Teaching hospital)

44. Enhance Of Magnetic Resonance Images ( MRI) in the presence Of Rician Noise

45. Prevalence of clinical signs of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS) in girl junior students of Rasht high schools

46. An epidemiologic study of cranial base fractures in patients with head injury admitted to neurosurgery department of Poursina Hospital from 1994 to 1995 

47. Study of characters of patients with skull defect presenting to neurosurgery wasd of poorsina hospital of Rasht from 1377

48. Investigation of the survival rate of Trauma patients admitted in the poorsina hospital ( Rasht) from 1-2-1382 to 1-6-1382 in contrast to expected survival rate om A severity Charactrization of Trauma ( ASCOT)

49. Evaluation of Donepezil effect on improving the consciousness level of patients involved with acute obstruction of middle cereberal artery

50. Study on the effect of Zinc Supplementation in Severe Head trauma patients in Rasht Poursina Hospital at the year 1382

51. Autopsy findings in Patients with head trauma from 1999 to 2000

52. Determination of the correlation between Glasgow Coma Scale on admission and size of focal brain lesions in early CT scan in head – injured patients in poorsina hospital

53. Study of results of arthroscopic capsular release in adhesive capsulitis of shoulder in Akhtar hospital Tehran and Poursina hospital Rasht from19/3/2009 til 23/8/2011

54. Comparison between results of Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in patients over 50 and under 30 in Rasht's "Poursina" and Tehran's "Akhtar" hospitals since 1386 ‘ mehr to1390’s mehr

55. Survey of leading causes of fasciotomy of the lower limbs and their complications from 2007 to 2011 at poursina hospital

56. Survey on relation between serum sodium level Abnormalities and mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury in poursina hospital in 1393

57. Assessment of frequency and associated factors of hypernatremia in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular accident admitted to Poursina hospital of rasht trauma’s ward , Persian date Shahrivar 1391 to Persian date Shahrivar 1393

58. Pattern of fractures in old ages attending to poursina hospital 2012

59. Efficacy of Mammography for Diagnosis in Breast cancer

60. Outcome comparison in low grade spondilolysthesis in two surgical techniques: foraminotomy+fixation and foramonotomy+fixation+PLIF in Rasht poursina hospital from 2012 to 2014

61. Study on causes of readmission in neurologic patients who referred to Emergency departmant in Pursina Hospital at 2013-2014

62. Assessment of primary management of multiple traumatic patients according to ATLS guideline referred from remedial centers of Guilan University of medical sciences to poursina hospital, 2013-2014

63. The evaluation of the quality of informed consent registration in teaching hospitals of Guilan-Rasht university of the medical sciences at winter 1392

64. A comparison between the serum level of estrogen and progesterone and their ratio in patients with ischemic stroke and the control group

65. Estimation of the optimum prognosis cut-off point of depression using the item Beck Inventory in patients with MS visited in MS association of Gilan Province

66. Outcome evaluation of shelf Acetabuloplasty in the treatment of Legg-Calve-Pertes disease (2000-2010).

67. Study of Relative frequency of spine fractures in admitted patients in emergency department of poursina hospital Rasht from – 1380-1382

68. Time trend of Hemoglobin Changes in Patients with severe brain Injury Hospitalized in ICU of poorsina Hospital in Rasht in Winter 2005

69. Evaluation of relative of distribution of predisposing factors with CDH in refered patients to the private clinic.

70. Survey of HIV infection Prevalence in patients with other sexually transmitted disease in Guilan

71. The comparison between pain score changes after CT- guided and fluoroscopic Epidural methyl prednisolone injection in patients with lumbar disk herniation

72. Evaluation of the effect of total abdominal hysterectomy on general health of the patient in comparison with healthy women in hospitals of Rasht 2005

73. Outcome evaluation of multi fenestration of dura and dural patch technique in patients suffering from acute subdural hematoma

74. Survey on relation between serum sodium level Abnormalities and mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury in poursina hospital in 1393

75. Outcome study of the lobectomy in patients with delayed cerebral contusions or intracerbral hematoma due to traumatic brain injury, Rasht Poursina Hospital :2009 -2013

76. Survey findings of craniocervical Doppler in the patients with ischemic stroke admitted in Poursina Hospital of Rasht in 2014 & 2015

77. Survey stroke mimics in patients with clinical feature of storke referring Poursina Hospital, 2013

78. Evaluation of complications and recurrences after radiofrequency ablation of Great saphenous vein in patient’s referred to vascular surgery clinic 2009-2013

79. Evaluation of the chest trauma in patients referred to Poursina hospital of Rasht city in 2013

80. Intra-articular versus sub-pectoral long head of bicep Tenodesis in the treatment of biceps pathology accompanied with rotator cuff tears

 Assessment impression didactic class & film on the awareness of interns who have entered Guilan University of medical science in the year 2011-12 toward management of traumatic patients

Evaluation of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Complications in Patients Referring to Poursina Hospital of Rasht in 2016

Survey of Maximum Blood Ordering for Surgery (MSBOS) in Elective General Surgery, neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery in Poursina Hospital in Rasht, Iran, 2017

Evaluation of complications of perianal fistulas surgery in patients referring to Poursina Hospital in Rasht from 2016 to 2018

The relationship between incidences of K-ras & N-ras factors in metastatic colon cancer patients, and clinicopathological presentations.

The Study of Social Capital and Burnout in Family Physician Team of Guilan, 2018

The effects of high intensity laser therapy vs with low laser intensity therapy  on the range of motion ,  function and vastus medialis oblique and vastus lateralis architecture in-patient with knee osteoarthritis

The effects of high power laser therapy vs low level laser therapy  on the range of motion ,  functional ability and quadriceps architecture in patient with knee osteoarthritis admitted to poursina hospital: A single blinded randomized clinical trial

The effect of positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) changes on central venous pressure in hospitalized patients in Intensive care unit in Poursina hospital of Rasht

Evaluation of spiritual intelligence in emergency department staff of Poursina Hospital in Rasht and comparing with ordinary people in the community

Assessment of blood ordering and utilization in burn patients at rasht velayat hospital in 2017

The comparison of Resistive Index using color Doppler ultrasound in infertile men with varicocele and normal men referred to razi hospital of rasht in 2018-2019

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Diet and Relapse rate of Disease in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

The comparison of acute inflammatory response score and Alvarado score in diagnosis of acute appendicitis in patients referring to Poursina Hospital in Rasht from 1397_1398

Study of causes of mortality in patients admitted to the emergency department of Razi Hospital in Rasht in 1396 and the first half of 1397

Determination of  cardiac arrest’s incidence and its associated factors  during dialysis of patients undergo dialysis  Procedure in Razi dialysis center in Rasht from 2015 to 2018

Prevalence of hypothermia and related factors in patient with trauma in Poursina hospital of Rasht in 2018

The prevalence of hypothermia in patients after elective surgery in PACU in  Pursina Hospital of Rasht in 1397

The Comparison effect of local epinephrine injection on hemodynamic in patient without hypertension and with controlled hypertension during functional endoscopic sinus surgery in Amiralmomenin hospital in Rasht

Evaluation of the knowledge towards needle sticks and sharp injuries among medical residents in Rasht educational hospitals

Study of Perioperative temperature alteration in transurethral prostatectomy under spinal anesthesia in in Razi hospital in Rasht 1398

Study of Sleep Quality Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Patients Admitted to Poursina Hospital

Prevalence and predisposing factors for neck disability in intensive care unit nurses of educational hospitals in Rasht, 1397

Evaluation of vitamin D status in patients with and without pneumonia admitted in ICU of Razi and Poursina Hospitals in Rasht in 1396

Effectiveness of spiritual Care on family satisfaction in intensive care units of Poursnia hospital in 2018. 

The study of the average and causes of deductions in the cases of social insurance and health services in educational hospitals of the medical university

Investigating the Relationship between Spiritual Experiences with Life Expectancy and Death Anxiety in Patients with Burns Referring to Rescue Hospital and Rescue Center in Rasht, 2018

The study of the frequency of chest x-ray altering treatment measures and its related factors in patients admitted to the intensive care unit of Poursina, Razi and Heshmat hospitals in Rasht

Investigating the effect of music on the level of happiness of nurses in intensive care units

Determination of Hemoglobin’s level Changes in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Unit of Razi and Poursina Hospitals of Rasht

Association between physical activity and educational status in stagers and interns in Guilan University of Medical Sciences

Comparison of early respiratory complications in patients under open versus laparoscopic cholecystectomy referred to Razi and Poursina hospital in 2018

Educational Needs Assessment in prehospital emergency personnel of Rasht EMS in year 1398

The prevalence of morphological varians of sphenoid sinuses and its effect of sinus opacification using computed tomography scan in patients referred to Poursina and Razi hospital on Rasht at 1397-1398.

The comparison of Resistance Index of Testicular Artery using color Doppler ultrasound in men undergoing varicocelectomy with impaired semen analysis before and 4 month after surgery referred to razi hospital of rasht in 2018-2019

The effect of inhaled heparin on the duration of antibiotic treatment in patients with ventilator-dependent pneumonia

Survey on the prevalence of bedsore in patients referring to Pursina's educational centers in Rasht in 2016- 2019

The effects of high intensity laser therapy and adding co-interventions to it on musculoskeletal pain management: A systematic review

Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of quinolone and cephalosporin resistant uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolates in Razi hospital during 2016-2018

The Study of The attitudes of medical interns Guilan University of medical sciences of legal and ethical principles in 2019

The frequency of medical errors and its associated factors in Guilan province 2011-2019

Evaluation of the level of awareness of the 2011 entri medical interns regarding the importance of respecting patient's privacy in the year of 2019

Epidemiology of burn injuries in the elderly in Guilan province Iran a 10-year retrospective study

Evaluation of the frequency of seroma complication after inguinal hernioplasty surgery with mesh in poursina hospital in rasht

Evaluation of primary surgical debridement and wet bandaging silver spray and fibrinolysin ointment in the treatment of diabetic wounds with appropriate vascular status

Investigating the Factors Related to hospital discharge with personal consent among the Patients refered and admited to the Emergency Department1 and 2 , Poursina Hospital , Rasht in 2017-2018

Study of the association Nasal Septal Deviation in chronic rhino sinusitis

;Investigating the effect of family –centered care on seelp disoreder and and anixty family in patients Icu Wards hospitalized poursina Rashtin 2018-2019




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